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Passivation (wood / fabrics / carpets / others)Fire protection to avoid propagation through combustible materials. Products for application in wood, fabrics, carpets, foam, plastic, among others.

The process os passivating a combustible material is to make it a product which does not allow superficial flame propagation, avoiding this way a widespread fire.

Architectural projects are using more and more elements made with wood, fabric or plastic.

Maker has proven tested products which allow the safe use of finish materials against fire spread.

In raw wood, wood finishing, curtain fabrics, carpets, lining, closing panels, acoustic foam, plastic, armchairs, floors, among others.

In the event of a blaze, the fire spreads quickly, immediately after the heating of a combustible surface. By applying a layer of superficial fire-retardant or incorporated to the product, there is the formation of carbonized layers which protect and avoid its burning.

This is the most modern fire protection system as it is possible to have an excellent architecture with safety.

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