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Intumescent Coating

Intumescent coatings are substances used for the passive fire protection of metal structures.

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Sprayed Mortar

Sprayed mortars are materials used for the passive fire protection of metal structures.

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Shaft Sealing (fire stop)

Fire protection seals are systems used to seal slab and wall openings which compartmentalize environments against fire, smoke or hot/toxic gases propagation.

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Facade Sealing

Façade sealing systems are used in order to avoid smoke and hot gases propagation through existing openings between the slabs and the external vertical closing of buildings.

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Passivation (wood / fabrics / carpets / others)

The process of passivating a combustible material is to make it a product which does not allow superficial flame propagation, avoiding this way a widespread fire.

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Electrical Substations Compartmentations

Fire protection in passages and electrical cable trays from substations to electrical room compartmentations.

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Passivation of cable trays

Cable trays fire protection with ablative paint, in accordance with IEC 331, and hydrocarbon fire in refineries and oil platforms.

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Epoxy Intumescent Coating of Metal Structures for Hydrocarbon Fire and Jet Fire

High performance fire protection for metal structures – in accordance with UL 1709.

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