Electrical Substations CompartmentationsFire protection in passages and electrical cable trays from substations to electrical room compartmentations.

Industrial safety is a major factor in order to have its activity preserved.

Electric power distribution is one of the major causes of industrial fires. Electrical rooms must be compartmentalized against fire so that fire outbreaks can neither hit the panels nor cause fire in other areas.

Fire protection sealing of the correlated areas through cables, electrical ducts, ducts, cable trays, and others must be done with systems that guarantee the non-propagation of fire.

Maker applies tested and approved international systems of easy handling and replacement in case there is a need of passage of new elements.

Cable passages, pannel base, ducts, electrical ducts, in walls and floors of plants electrical rooms, Metro Stations and Trains, Commercial Buildings, Hospitals, Sports Arenas, Theaters, Museums etc.

The systems applied by Maker insulate the fire by using a high-density mineral wool plate and ablative paint, which sublimates vapor so as to avoid flame propagation. This way, the high temperature caused by a short circuit is suppressed and does not allow fire propagation through the cables.

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