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Passivation of cable traysCable trays fire protection with ablative paint, in accordance with IEC 331, and hydrocarbon fire in refineries and oil platforms.

Industrial safety is a major factor in order to have its activity preserved.

In fire risk areas, the electric power distribution network and cable controls in plants may break off if flames hit the cables . If the fire is caused by hydrocarbons, the situation becomes even more critical.

The application of ablative paint in the cables located in fire risk areas guarantees (in a certain fire period) the continuation of the system operation.

Maker has products which ensure, through international tests, the continuation of the system for 90 minutes (in accordance with IEC 331) and 45 minutes in hydrocarbon fires, with a thin paint coat and at minimum costs.

Electrical cable trays and control, electrical ducts, junction boxes, SYS systems and other risk areas in refineries, chemical and petrochemical industries as well as oil platforms.

Few seconds of a flame is enough to damage the coating of the cables and cause their interruption. They normally resist to 70°C.

The application of an efficient ablative system against fire in cables allows no interruption in the passage of electrical signs and control.

The ablative paint releases water steam and does not allow the heating of the cables under a fire condition.

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