Shaft Sealing (fire stop)Fire protection for sealing of openings in both vertical and horizontal compartmentation

Fire protection seals are systems used to seal existing or induced slab and wall openings which compartmentalize environments against fire, smoke or hot/toxic gases propagation.

Its function is to restrict the effects of a fire, not allowing it to reach the adjacent areas of the building.

Maker has highly efficient ablative systems, which are tested and qualified by international labs and largely used in Europe, the USA and Brazil.

Shaft sealing of cable passage, air ducts or exhaustion, metal or plastic pipes.

Sealing of openings in masonry walls or dry-wall.

On fire doors in corridors and as sealing around ducts in the wall passage.

In the event of a fire, the seal against fire does not allow smoke, gases and fire to reach the adjacent environments. In the shaft openings, it is used to stop the fire propagation to the upper floors.

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